Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Henson Circus

Visit Theatre Notes for Alison Croggon's wonderful open letter in support of Bill Henson - complete with a number of comments posted (many of which make my skin crawl).

It's a bit scary out there at times...


Anonymous said...

If Henson did it in London he would be in jail, and the Brits are not repressive about art.

In the UK that photo would be child pornography. If she was 17, it would still be CP. That's the law there.

rhyspeaking said...

I must admit I am unaware of the exact nature of British Law on the subject - if you have a link to the details I'd love to read them.

It does sound unlikely, though, as Henson has had successful exhibitions in Britain, often with images arguably more 'confronting' than the ones in this exhibition. In most legal definitions I am aware of, child pornography involves photos that depict sexual activity or photos of sexual organs/anal region for a sexual purpose. Henson's photos do not do any like this.

An image of a naked child does not of itself equal pornography.