Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Rhys-Goodness in the World

Some rather glorious procrastination has led to me setting up a myspace site for both myself and for my other project the Baby Drivers. The sites are pretty bare at the moment, but I have added a dash of colour to distract from this. I have also uploaded a Baby Driver song and a solo song - both are pretty old recordings now and not quite where I/we are now but at least those of you who haven't been able to come to my/our gigs can get a small sample of our music.

You too can procrastinate by visiting:
www.myspace.com/rhysauteri and www.myspace.com/babydrivers

Anyone who has myspace is encouraged to become a 'friend' (i know i know) and to leave a comment that might make me look far more popular than is actually the case!

More soon, amigos.

Friday, March 2, 2007


As you may have noticed, my page design has had a quick shave and haircut. Not sure of the results yet, but there were so many pretty designs available I thought it was wasteful to stick to one look forever.

I too am currently undergoing what feels strangely like a facelift procedure. I have returned once more to the loving arms of university - this time to begin a slightly more 'practical' course than Performing Arts: Social Work. I am hoping to use the degree to lead to a part-time career that will leave me a bit more secure and free to make theatre and music. So far, the results have been mixed. I have enjoyed a couple of the lectures, but can't help feeling like I am 'betraying' my arts background - this is not, after all the Master in Perf Arts I'm still considering, nor is it the VCA Animateuring course. Nor is it Rhys spreading his impressive theatrical (and musical) talents throughout Melbourne with an ever-growing canon of challenging work.

While I have a genuine interest in SW, I must admit one of the most appealling facets of the course is the guarantee of (paid!) work afterwards. For all the hours I have spent in rehearsals and at gigs, I am yet to see the millions in renumeration I had anticipated. Yes, Perf Arts is a difficult way to make a living - you need to be driven, but you also need to be lucky. I often find myself envying those who are able to live entirely off their artistic endeavours. Whether they are famous actors/singers, or avant garde companies doing the festival circuit, I often see their situation as ideal. However, perhaps being a 'full time' artist is not in the artist's best interests. If art is a tool to comment on the lives we lead, then perhaps the first step to becoming a successful artist is to get a life. (Ha! I'm scoff at my own argument).

We shall see. I made other plans and now I expect life to happen to me. John Lennon had better be right.